John Cotton Award Certification

Jul 2017

Having already achieved ISO9001:2008 and being audited in our automotive business to the TS quality standard, we decided to develop and improve our quality management system and take it to the next level through the rest of our nonwoven business. We chose to implement ISO/TS16949; 2009 and apply the principles to our bedding business, a first in the U.K.  The principle uses in this ‘role model quality standard’ would provide continual improvement, emphasise defect prevention and reduce both variation and waste in the bedding supply chain.

After receiving the audit in April 2017, we were awarded with our certificate in early July 2017. We are proud to say that this prestigious certification is only awarded to approximately 600 companies in the U.K.

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Covid-19 Update

During these unprecedented times, John Cotton continues to manufacture and supply insulated pouches that provide an essential component for the transportation of chilled food and pharmaceutical items via distribution networks.

In line with the Prime Minister’s advice and government guidelines, this enables our customers such as Morrisons, HelloFresh, Mindful Chef, All Plants, Pharmacy2U and many more to deliver fresh food and pharmaceutical prescriptions to your doors, minimising people’s risk of exposure.

Insulated Packaging Website

John Cotton is directly involved in providing essential components which makes the distribution of food using parcel delivery networks possible. Mindful chef is a customer whose business is at the front end of fresh food distribution and home delivery meal kit solutions which is a critical front-line business.

Tim Lee - CEO at Mindful Chef