John Cotton Nonwovens Division have been innovating products for the mattress market for almost 100 years. We are experts in this field, advising and supplying the leading brands across the UK market, including Silentnight, Hypnos, VISPRING, Dreams, Relyon, Respa and many more. We pride ourselves on knowing how to build a mattress and the specific materials required to reach the desired performance.

Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce a range of nonwoven materials for mattresses, cot mattresses and headboards, ranging from thermally bonded polyester to needled cotton. Our new state of the art card and thermal bonding ovens allow us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors, allowing us to be the UK’s first nonwovens manufacturer to produce a ‘monobloc’ cot mattress core.

We are repeated winners of the NBF ‘Bed Component Supplier of the Year’ awards, due to our consistent product development and innovation, which has led us to produce many patented technologies.

A few examples of our products used in this market sector can be seen below, for more information about our full range of products please use our contact page to get in touch.


  • A superior performance polyester filling for mattresses and upholstery.
  • A sophisticated and refined blend of both coarse and fine fibres;
    • Spiral crimped conjugate fibres providing the feel of millions of tiny springs.
    • A technically advanced elastomeric binder fibre.
    • Engineered to provide superior comfort, support and recovery.
  • 100% recyclable at end of life and made from a proportion of recycled fibres.




Topaz is a product used as an insulator pad over a mattress spring unit. It is available as a white or grey/blue colour and is manufactured using either the off cuts from our home textile division (white topaz) or recycled clothing (grey/blue topaz).


This is a composite pad combining an insulator pad and a comfort layer. The comfort layer can be manufactured in a range of densities and thicknesses.


Airstream is one of our unique patented technologies. It is produced via a vertical lapping process and designed as a replacement to foams as a comfort and support layer. This product is available in both natural and synthetic blend options and is used frequently in our home textile products as a mattress topper.

Cotton comfort layer

Cotton can be used as a comfort layer directly underneath the ticking material of a mattress. The fine fibres provide a soft and delicate feel and also aid in the uptake of any moisture vapour transmitted by the sleeper.


The U. K’s first 100% foam free monobloc mattress core for cots. The polyester monobloc core offers many performance benefits when compared with foam, including the following:

  • A favourable microclimate; The open nonwoven structure offers increased breathability, allowing moisture vapour to migrate freely through the fibre matrix, preventing an uncomfortable sleeping environment.
  • Free from odorous FR chemicals; As the monoblock is composed from 100% PET, there is no need for the addition of FR chemicals, unlike foam which contains potentially harmful VOC’s, something which many parents are wishing to avoid.
  • Cleanliness; Due to PETs inherent hydrophobicity, any unwanted liquids will pass easily through the fibre structure with limited absorption, therefore retaining a prolonged degree of cleanliness.
  • Easily washable; The PET monoblock can be easily rinsed by simply removing the outer case and placing under a shower.


The Nonwovens Division provides an array of manufacturing and operational processes and materials.

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