Nonwoven Products

The John Cotton Nonwovens Division manufacture nonwoven products for a variety of markets sectors, including mattress fillings, home insulation, air filtration, automotive components, upholstery and insulated packaging media.

Waddings produced using a selection of specific or blended natural and synthetic fibres of various weights and densities can be tailored to offer a number of unique properties and characteristics, including:

  • Increased bulk without weight
  • Resilience and recovery from compression
  • Soft or rigid feel
  • Light weight
  • Breathable
  • Comfort and support
  • No VOC’s
  • Odourless

Our nonwovens products are available in a range of:

  • Denier: 0.7 – 40
  • Weight: 50gsm – 5000gsm
  • Width: 5cm – 240cm
  • Thickness: 0.2cm – 15cm

Our Market Sectors

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The Nonwovens Division produce home insulation using either 100% natural materials or fibre originating from plastic waste (rPET).

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Our nonwoven products are suitable for a range of automotive components, designed to reduce noise, vibration and harshness (NVH).

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Insulated Packaging

We produce insulated packaging for the transportation of chilled goods, such as food and pharmaceuticals.

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Air Filtration

Our air filtration medias are primarily used in HVAC applications, although they can be used in many other areas such as Paint Spray or Coalescing.

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Our polyester filling materials offer many advantages over foam for use in the upholstery market.

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The Nonwovens Division has been producing mattress filling materials for decades and has a vast amount of experience and knowledge in this area.


Platinum is a superior performance polyester mattress and upholstery filling. It is made from a highly sophisticated blend of three polyester fibres, including a technically advanced elastomeric binder fibre. This unique blend, allows the feel of Platinum to replicate the comfort and support of PU foam, while causing less harm to the environment, as it can be recycled at the end of life.



Our award winning Monobloc wadding is the first of its kind to replace block foam pieces in mattresses.