Air Filtration

Air Filtration

Air filter media is a very important part of the overall performance of any air filter, so by choosing the correct media this can dramatically improve the efficiency and life of a filtration system. Our medias are primarily used in HVAC applications although they can be used in many other areas such as Paint Spray or Coalescing.

Do we all want to live in a world that’s clean? Here at John Cotton we can help, as we have developed a range of products that meet the demands of both our customers and the ever-changing environment.

Our filter medias offer exceptional performance in terms of pressure drop and dust holding capacity, we currently manufacture a range to meet the requirements of ISO16890 that covers the following classifications:

  • ISO coarse – ePM10 < 50% to ISO ePM10 > 50%
  • From 80 to 600g/m2
  • All our medias are tested to DIN53438 and all meet the classification F1/K1
  • Humidity resistant up to 100% RH

Our technical and sales team work closely with potential and existing customers in the development of medias to meet any new requirements.

We aim to provide our customers with a high-performance filter media to meet their expectations and we can also provide customised solutions across all application areas. In principle we can adapt the media to meet your requirements.


The Nonwovens Division provides an array of manufacturing and operational processes and materials.

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Covid-19 Update

During these unprecedented times, John Cotton continues to manufacture and supply insulated pouches that provide an essential component for the transportation of chilled food and pharmaceutical items via distribution networks.

In line with the Prime Minister’s advice and government guidelines, this enables our customers such as Morrisons, HelloFresh, Mindful Chef, All Plants, Pharmacy2U and many more to deliver fresh food and pharmaceutical prescriptions to your doors, minimising people’s risk of exposure.

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John Cotton is directly involved in providing essential components which makes the distribution of food using parcel delivery networks possible. Mindful chef is a customer whose business is at the front end of fresh food distribution and home delivery meal kit solutions which is a critical front-line business.

Tim Lee - CEO at Mindful Chef