Recently, the John Cotton Group has invested over £400K to build entirely new laboratories and research and development facilities

Supporting our continued efforts to identify and develop new and innovative materials, treatments, finishes and processes to meet the ever-increasing customer demands. Our UKAS accredited commercial services, allow us to undertake a wide range of European and British standards for the bedding and upholstery and insulation markets, while the research and development team have access to an array of performance testing equipment, enabling in depth analysis of new and innovative ideas. 

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Performance testing

Our Capabilities

The following tests are covered by our ISO 17025 accreditation –

Flammability Testing
  • BS 7177:2008 + A1:2011
  • BS 7176:2007 + A1:2011
  • The Furniture and Furnishing Regulations 1988
Cleanliness Testing
  • BS 1425 Part 1: 1991
Performance Testing
  • BS EN 1957:2012


The following tests are covered by our ISO 9001 certification –


Performance Testing
  • Pressure mapping – pressure imaging for use in mattress recommendation
  • Mattress performance test – triangular Roller
  • Performance of mattress edges
  • Rebound properties of filling material
  • Pounding of materials – foam, mattresses and pillows
  • Cot mattress performance – (UK test)
  • Cot mattress performance – (European test)
  • Tensile testing
  • Burst testing
  • Tear, slippage and seam strength testing
Thermal Performance
  • Custom8 – theodynamic analyses of heat flow and moisture transport
  • Tog Testing – thermal resistance of synthetic and natural duvets
  • Thermal determination of insulation materials
Washing Testing
  • Dimensional stability
  • Appearance after wash
Textile Fabric Analysis and production capabilities
  • Fibre denier, cut length, crimp and cross-sectional analysis
  • Fabric weight per unit area
  • Textile composition
  • Woven textile construction (ends, picks, warp, weft)
  • Laboratory Carding

Testing Methods

Flammability Testing*

Flammability Testing*

We can perform a range of flammability tests under our ISO 17025 accreditation. (BS 7177:2008 + A1:2011, BS 7176:2007 + A1:2011, The Furniture and Furnishing Regulations 1988)*

Performance Testing (Pounding)

Our pounding equipment allows us to perform performance testing on materials to BS EN ISO 3385. We can measure both hardness and height loss before and after pounding. This test is important for the development of new filling materials for mattresses and upholstery.

Tensile Testing

We can perform, tensile strength, burst strength, seam strength and seam slippage tests on both woven and nonwoven textile materials.

Mattress Roller Testing*

We have the capability to perform both the BS EN 1957 Cylindrical roller test* and the BS 7397 triangular roller test on mattresses.

Pressure Drop Testing Device

Our new pressure drop testing device, allows us to evaluate the atmospheric pressure drop of our nonwoven filter media products at a range of air flow rates.

Pressure Mapping

Using pressure mapping technology, John Cotton can monitor the effect of a person’s body pressure through imaging software for use in mattress recommendation, sleep research and automotive testing. The pressure imaging technology delivers the practical real-world benefits of personal comfort and safety.


John Cotton uses Custom8 technology to monitor temperature and humidity through numerous layers of material, providing valuable information about the response of the different types of materials that are used in sleep and seating systems. The equipment visualizes and interprets temperature and humidity data that is measured with a 3D multiple sensor mat setup. Thermodynamic analyses of heat flow and moisture transport can be generated by the thermodynamic software.

Tog Testing

John Cotton house a purposely built Tog testing room, created specifically to measure the thermal resistance of duvets via an apparatus designed to monitor heat conductance and resistance.  The test specimen is tested over a hot-plate held at skin temperature, whilst the atmosphere in the test room is held at a constant temperature and humidity.

Mini Carding

Our laboratory scale carding machines allow us to mimic the carding action of our industrial scale carding lines, providing us with the ability to produce prototype scale samples for testing and development.

ISO 17025 accreditation

Tests marked with an * are covered by our ISO 17025 accreditation

Scope of Accredited Tests we Offer

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Scope of Accreditation