Insulated Packaging

Insulated Packaging

Here at John Cotton Nonwovens, we are striving to develop the UK’s most innovative and sustainable insulated packaging media for the transportation of chilled items such as food, pharmaceutical and medical products. Our cold chain packaging materials are able to provide temperature regulated conditions between -20°C and 8°C for up to 48 hours.

With a dedicated research and development team and a world of fibres to hand, John Cotton Nonwovens are able to develop products which are unique to each individual customers’ requirements.

Our in house testing facilities allows us to provide valuable testing data on the thermal performance of the product in line with government and customer standards.

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Environmentally aware

As consumers become increasingly aware about the impact of packaging media on the environment, our packaging materials are designed with this prerequisite in mind. We have an array of materials which are biodegradable, compostable and originate from recycled sources, therefore allowing us to tailor these materials to fit individual customers environmental credentials, while also meeting the performance criteria. 


Material Options

With access to the worlds fibre suppliers and an experienced purchasing team, John Cotton Nonwovens has unlimited possibilities when it comes to material choice. We regularly produce materials from a range of cellulosic and animal fibres, as well as using polyester, which has come from recycled plastic waste.


Technical Data

Our in house UKAS accredited laboratory, allows us to carry out thermal performance testing, enabling us to satisfy customer and industry standards of temperature controlled requirements. We are able to measure the thermal conductivity and resistivity of individual materials, as well as use our conditioned laboratory to perform in situ testing.


Current Products

John Cotton Nonwovens Division produce full box insulated liners and all-in-one pouch configurations in a range of material options. Our most popular products are made from either recycled plastic waste such as polyester bottles, recycled denim or natural alternatives such as cotton or wool. We encase our insulation inside a polyethylene bag, which is recyclable in most household council waste bins. As an alternative bag option, we are currently investigating biodegradable options which can be coupled with our natural materials.

Customer Testimonials

“As our supplier Partner, John Cotton has helped us to develop an industry first cool pouch made from recycled PET. 

Through investment in equipment, processes have become more automated which have allowed for cost savings, whilst John Cotton has supported Hello Fresh’s growth and our mission to change the way people eat forever.” – ‘Hello Fresh’


We have been using John Cotton insulation for our recipe boxes for the last 12 months. We switched from our previous supplier due to John Cotton’s scale, efficiency, service levels and efforts around sustainability. They are not only able to recycle our used insulation safely and efficiently, they are working with us and others, to ensure that any new insulation produced is as environmentally friendly as possible – experimenting with new materials, recycled materials and recyclable / compostable materials. As a company that cares a lot about our environmental responsibility, we believe John Cotton are the ideal partner for us as they clearly share our ethics and spirit of innovation! – ‘Mindful Chef’


The Nonwovens Division provides an array of manufacturing and operational processes and materials.

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